Sans raisin

Parto is a blueberry wine which possesses subtle blueberry and prune fragrances. It is smooth and delicate in the mouth, and leaves behind aromas of wild berry jam along with a caramel finish. It may be served as an aperitif, as a digestif or to accompany your cheese platters. Consume at a temperature of 5-10°C.



Derived from the Latin word "partus," which means "to give birth".

Parto is the first product we "gave birth" to; it is the fruit of many months of labour and the result of our love for Quebec’s soil.

Parto, which is crafted from fresh blueberries  cultivated on our land, releases aromas which are reminiscent of port, yet it still has a personality of its own.

Given that it is soft, oaky and smooth, our blueberry wine  stands out from other much sweeter liqueurs you have tasted in the past.

Sans Raisin is a dry wine that will surprise you with its aroma of small blackthorn berries. The mouth, fruity and refreshing, will leave you with flavors of blueberries and wild fruits. This wine is literally divine to accompany a meal and pairs perfectly with cheeses, red meat and spicy dishes. Ditch your routine, flirt with novelty, dare to be unfaithful! Life will forgive you for leaving the beaten tracks. Especially if it’s with a bottle of Sans Raisin.

Environmentally friendly cultures. Sought-after and romping good taste. To be enjoyed with… Pleasure!

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